Episode 20

It all starts with us

Published on: 7th April, 2021

Are you ready to meet two more influential, empowering, beautiful women? Well, we are pleased to introduce to you Heather and Taylor, two of Shelby‘s best friends.

This is episode three in our series, and it has been very cathartic for us. Sitting down with the women in our lives who have lifted us up and seen us for who we really are, and telling them how important they have been to us, well... it’s really a transformative experience.

Do you want a community that is a safe place to land? Have you been wondering how to make that happen? This conversation really highlights the necessary components for those foundational friendships! Timing is key, vulnerability is a non-negotiable, and a desire for growth is a must.

These women talk through how showing up without shame owning them really changed the game, and allowed them to cultivate that deep friendship that has lasted over the years.

Perhaps the most powerful part of this conversation was verbalizing how important self compassion and self acceptance truly are. When we have the courage to show up authentically, it starts a chain reaction that allows us to find love and joy that sustains. It all starts with us. We are all one decision away from being open and connected with others. We have the power to love and be loved. If we want future generations to cultivate lasting and safe relationships, then WE must cultivate lasting and safe relationships. Look in the mirror babe, recognize that YOU are a badass, meet others with non-judgement and acceptance, and give them permission to be badass too!

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