Episode 66

A simple thought

Published on: 15th June, 2022

We are pleased to introduce you to Aubin Palmer. Aubin is a Certified Life Coach, and she helps women change their thought habits to create the life they desire. Aubin walks us back to when she had attained all the things and titles she thought she wanted: Nurse, wife, Mother, ect. when she realized that even with all these things, she still felt a lack of satisfaction in life. That's when she discovered coaching through podcasts she was listening to, and she was introduced to thought work. She is certified and uses the "Self Coaching Model" from the Life Coach School.

Aubin's niche is working with women who are Working Moms. We discuss the unspoken narratives that being a Mom and being a business owner are mutually exclusive, and to be good at one, means the other suffers. So yeah... we dip into mom-guilt quite a bit. If you've ever experienced that feeling, this episode is for you. Because, what Aubin shows us, is that both parts are an important and inspired part of you. You are a MomBoss. You can be your whole self, and in fact, being your whole self is what will lead to your success.

We walk through several personal examples on how our thoughts dictate our feelings, and our subconscious thoughts can run our life and belief system with out us even being aware. Aubin uses the CTFAR model, which we discuss in detail. Circumstances are neutral, our Thoughts about our circumstances is what creates our Feelings. Our Feelings dictate our Actions, and that leads to the Results we are getting in life. So, in order to create the life we desire, we must bring awareness and curiosity to our thoughts.

If you would like to connect with Aubin and get her free download to help you get your priorities right, follow her on the 'gram. She does one on one coaching, and also offers one free trial session to get you started in the right direction and see if it's a good fit.

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