Episode 2 - bonus

Guided Breathwork

Published on: 6th December, 2020

Welcome to episode two, the first of many “guided” episodes. Once or twice a month we will share an episode with some guided help either through a meditation or breath work. This is one of those special episodes. 

We begin with a brief conversation discussing our previous experiences and thoughts around breath work, and then Shelby walks us through “alternate nostril” breath work. If you’ve never done breath work before we hope that you can use this as a great place to start. Find yourself a comfy place to sit and follow along as Shelby walks us through just how to do this. If you’ve done breath work on your own before then we hope you find this as a great reminder to take some intentional breaths and check in with yourself. 

If this is your first time doing breath work or this specific method, we would love to hear from you! How did you feel while following along? Is this something you’d like to try again? Send us an email at itotallyrelatepod@gmail.com or drop into our DM’s on Instagram! 

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About the Podcast

I Totally Relate!
with Rissy and Shelbs
Hey Everybody! Welcome to "I Totally Relate!" with Rissy and Shelbs, the podcast of conversations all things Emotional Wellbeing. We're just over here giving permission. Permission to ourselves to be serious and funny. Permission to you to ask hard questions, and join the conversation. Permission to show up, exactly as we are. Oh yeah, and we're totally related.
Every episode we share tools that have helped us. We offer journal prompts for you to join us on the journey, and we occasionally offer guided meditations and breathwork.
We want to share our experiences and resources, and we hope you totally relate too.
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Rissy Shelby Deason

This podcast is a collection of conversations. Some of them are interviews, some are guided meditations and breath work, and a lot of them are just the two of us sitting down at the table to talk through our experiences and all the things we’ve learned. We discuss big and heavy topics like trauma, insecurities, body image. And although we might be discussing a weighty issue one moment, we will be laughing the next. We are not experts, we are not perfectionists. We are just two women on our own journey oh yeah, and we’re totally related! We hope to start the conversation with you and share resources, and we hope that you can totally relate too.