Episode 6

What is your relationship with your body?

Published on: 30th December, 2020

How would you describe your relationship with your body? Have you ever given it much thought? Do you love and appreciate it for all of the amazing things it allows you to do in this life? Or does it cause you frustration because you're constantly fighting against the shape that it is and wishing it looked a different way? Perhaps the best place to begin is acceptance.

This episode is part one of a three part series in which we discuss the relationship women have with their bodies, and the role that diet culture plays in that relationship.

In this episode we reflect on the ways we have been mean and dismissive to our bodies, and how the realization of that has surfaced a grief that we have carried for the wanting of a differently shaped body. Just on the other side of that grief was gratitude and love for all the things our bodies allow us to do.

Our goal in these conversations is to uplift, support, and embrace each other. Embrace the women in our lives, in our communities, and our families. In order to move forward a new and beautiful reality for ourselves and for each other, we must first dismantle the harmful messaging we have received around beauty and our bodies. This is a three part series that is meant to walk with each other down our painful paths, to understand how we have been impacted in the past. Then we want to speak our truth and shine a light on a better and brighter possibility for ourselves, for our daughters, for our nieces, and for future generations. We must be honest about where we have been in order to be honest about where we want to go next.

We reference The Body is not an Apology

This episode of Brene Brown's Podcast with Sonya is incredible!

Intuitive Eating book is a game changer!

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This podcast is a collection of conversations. Some of them are interviews, some are guided meditations and breath work, and a lot of them are just the two of us sitting down at the table to talk through our experiences and all the things we’ve learned. We discuss big and heavy topics like trauma, insecurities, body image. And although we might be discussing a weighty issue one moment, we will be laughing the next. We are not experts, we are not perfectionists. We are just two women on our own journey oh yeah, and we’re totally related! We hope to start the conversation with you and share resources, and we hope that you can totally relate too.